Perfect gift!

If you have found this article because you have forgotten a gift for your loved one – don’t worry you aren’t the only one!

The reason I decided to write this short blog post is because I was in the exact same shoes as you a few months back.  I was celebrating my 8th anniversary and total forgot about it until the actual date.  Ended up in a total panic and didn’t know what I was going to as my other half was due home in a couple of hours.  Because we live in a remote area I knew there was no possibility of going out to get a last minute gift.

So in my desperation, I turned to the internet to try and come up with a cool gift.   I spent around 20 minutes with my anxiety rising by the second as couldn’t come up with that special present I knew she would love.

Things like spa breaks etc were an option but I wanted something that I could psychical hand over.

I knew the wife wouldn’t take kindly to me showing her a receipt on my phone and telling her that was her anniversary gift.

So what exactly did I come up with that made my wife think I was the most thoughtful husband in the world?  The answer is a personalized print.

I found a fantastic website that allowed me to create my own personalized print that I could download and print myself.  I had a frame I hadn’t used so this was perfect for me.

The website I used was a site called and the have a brilliant word art app,

Honestly, I don’t think my wife has ever loved a present as much as this.  So if you are looking for a last minute anniversary gift do yourself a favour and get your other half a personalized print.

If you don’t know what word art prints are I have included a video from youtube that will give you the idea.


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